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Writing, Reading, and Healthy Hearing


Writing, Reading, and Healthy Hearing is an educational outreach program that teaches school-aged children about hearing health through the development of self-authored story books.  

As a part of this unique program, Audiology LEND trainees work closely with children and community centers throughout the Pittsburgh area to encourage writing, reading, and to protect hearing.

After a very brief and interactive lecture, the children write and illustrate a story related to the topic of hearing conservation under the guidance of a literacy mentor.  The childrens’ mentor then types the text and converts the pictures into a digital form for publication. The self-authored story books are printed, bound, and distributed to the children on a later date. 


Educate children about the damaging effects of excessive exposure to loud sounds

Teach hearing conservation strategies to a population at high risk for developing noise induced hearing loss

Help children develop and enhance emerging reading and writing skills

Encourage and promote reading through self-authorship

Sample Work

Turn it Down!


To find out more about this project, contact writingreadinghealthyhearing@gmail.com