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SPECS for the Barber Ntn'l Institute

SPECS for the Barber National Institute

The Barber National Institute and the University of Pittsburgh's Early Childhood Partnership Program at the Office of Child Development are collaborating on a year-long initiative to evaluate and implement the best models for assessing the learning progress of young children with autism and multiple disabilities.  The research will focus on a classroom of children with autism ages 3-6 years, and a classroom serving children with multiple disabilities in that same age group.   Researchers and partners will help the Barber Institute (1.) select the most sensitive and evidence-based authentic assessments; (2.) design new measures to quantify programmatic elements (3.)  identify the most sensitive metrics to monitor status and progress during intensive interventions and (4. ) develop a database that will track child progress.   The program evaluation report highlights the successful model and next steps for wider implementation.  

Please click here to view the report.