Tricia Shelton 1st Year Trainee - Family




Tricia Shelton, Ed.D., holds a BS degree in elementary education from the Pennsylvania State University, a Masters degree in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Principal Certification from Gannon University, and a Doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Tricia has a 20-year career in education, first as a primary school educator, and then as a K-4 building principal in the Gateway School District. She currently works as an adjunct teacher educator and student teacher supervisor at several local colleges and universities.

Currently, Tricia is serving a three-year term as a school board member of the Penn Hill Charter School of Entrepreneurship and is the Christian Education Superintendent at Monroeville United Methodist Church. Her research interests include teacher expectations and best practices for inclusion of youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Tricia has authored several publications on these topics, including a recent book with Gryphon House, Practical Strategies for Supporting Young Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (2016) as well as contributions to Friendships: Building a Good Life (2017), an inclusion Toolkit supported by the Pennsylvania Disabilities Council and the Parent Advocacy and Education Leadership (PEAL) Center. 

In addition to her professional background, Tricia is also a mother to three amazing children, including a teenage son with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Through her participation in the LEND program, Tricia hopes to learn more about family-centered care.  She plans to use her dual perspective as both a parent and a professional to better support and advocate for young children with disabilities and their families.