Paige Peterson 1st Year Trainee - Social Work




Paige Peterson is a 2nd year student in the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Pittsburgh. She graduated in 2016 from the Honors College at Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Applied Conflict Management. While attending Kent State, Paige worked as a research assistant in two pediatric research labs in the department of Psychology. Her duties included recruiting participants, visiting research sites, and collecting data. 

Paige interned with the Community Human Services food pantry during her first year of graduate work. She prepared and distributed food, trained and managed volunteers, and assisted clients with SNAP applications. Paige currently works with Dr. Robert Noll on studying problem-solving skills intervention with caregivers of children with Sickle Cell Disease. She hopes to provide a more integrative approach to behavioral health in the medical setting, and will utilize the skills learned with Dr. Noll in the healthcare system.

Paige looks forward to an exciting year in the LEND program providing clinical skills and experience to children and families. She is eager to learn new techniques for leadership and advocacy that will assist her in her career with children and their families.