Kelly Stephans 1st Year Trainee - Family




Kelly Stephans is very passionate about helping families who have children with special needs, especially those with mental health needs. This passion developed when her two children were diagnosed with their own mental health needs. Kelly advocates for her children on a daily basis in order to bring awareness to her community. Additionally, she has helped several other families over the past three years to find intervention services for their children. Since June of 2017 she serves as a core team member as the Program Planner for the Parent Networking group for North Allegheny School District.

Kelly has decades of experience in serving others through retail management and through her own business. Since 2005, Kelly has been an Independent Sales Rep for Premier Designs Jewelry and has run a very successful and profitable business. In this line of work, she has gained an exorbitant amount of experience in public speaking.

In August of 2017 she became a Family Trainee with The LEND program in Pittsburgh. Applying her leadership skills from prior experience, her public speaking skills, and the competencies gained through her LEND training, Kelly hopes to pursue her dream of entering the  advocacy speaking circuit.