Angie McCoy 2012-2013 Family

McCoy, Angie



Angie McCoy grew up in Kittanning, PA and attended Carnegie Mellon Universitywhere she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology in 1985. She worked forover 12 years in the software services industry specifically focusing on the developmentand implementation of supply chain, distribution & logistics, and financial controlsoftware.

In 1994, Angie gave birth to her second son, Daniel, who was born with Spina Bifida andHydrocephalus. Over the next 18 years, she focused on managing his healthcare needs,being his advocate in the community, and helping him to develop a sense of purpose andconfidence with his abilities. Towards that end, she was also a founder of MightyPenguins Sled Hockey, a non-profit organization focused on providing the opportunityfor individuals with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to play sled hockey, an adaptiveform of ice hockey.

From the beginning, she along with other parents saw firsthand the positive impact thatsled hockey had not only on the physical well-being of players but also on theiremotional and social well-being. Being a part of a team sport, whether playedtherapeutically or competitively, gave players and their parents a sense of belonging.Angie is currently the executive director of the Mighty Penguins and continues to work toexpand the reach of sled hockey to not only youth in our community but also to adultswith disabilities including military veterans.

Angie lives in Cheswick, PA with her husband, Mark. Her firstborn son, Andrew, is asenior at Carnegie Mellon University. Daniel is currently a freshman at University ofPittsburgh, main campus.