LEND Director Participates in Cancer Symposium on Capitol Hill

On Tuesday, March 20, 2012, the Foundation hosted the first ever childhood cancer psychosocial symposium on Capitol Hill.  The Capitol Hill Visitor's Center room was filled to capacity! There were 85 registered attendees representing 12 different states across the Country.  Our registrants were comprised of nurses, social workers, professional counselors, child life specialists, art therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, and childhood cancer families, advocates, and leaders.  Capitol Hill staffers were present, and four Congressional Members, Sen. Reed, Rep. McCaul, Rep. Van Hollen, and Rep. Speier, spoke and received outstanding legislation awards. 

Featured Psycho-oncologists:

Dr. Anne Kazak (Symposium Scientific Chair), Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Bob Noll, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Dr. Andrea Farkas Patenaude, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dr. Kenneth Tercyak, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Lori Wiener, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Jimmie Holland (Founder of Psycho-oncology), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


The Following 12 Professional Sessions were hosted by the Psycho-oncologists:

  1. Psychosocial Research and Practice in Pediatric Cancer: An Introduction and Overview
  2. When Cancer Comes Calling: Psychological Burdens on Child Patients, their Parents and Siblings
  3. Childhood Cancer Survivorship
  4. End of Life: Bridging Clinical Practice with Psychosocial Research
  5. Evidence-based Care
  6. Medical Traumatic Stress
  7. When Cure-Oriented Medical Care Transitions to End-of-Life Care: Clinical Considerations
  8. Evidence-based Assessment of Psychosocial Risk in Pediatric Cancer
  9. Supporting Siblings of Children Treated for Cancer
  10. Health Behaviors and Follow-up Care
  11. Training Needs in Pediatric Psycho-Oncology
  12. The Role of Behavioral Science in Pediatric Collaborative Trials