Healthcare Townhall with Mike Doyle

On Saturday, March 18th, LEND Faculty, Staff, and Trainees attended the Healthcare Townhall co-hosted by Congressman Mike Doyle. LEND Advocacy Trainee Caitlin Freeman had the opportunity to share her story with Congressman Doyle and reiterate the importance of Medicaid and the Medicaid Expansion. Congressman Doyle is a friend of the LEND of Pittsburgh.  He was a key sponsor of the Autism CARES Act of 2014, a bill that authorized funding through 2019 for 52 LEND centers in 39 states across the US.  

In talking with Congressman Doyle, Caitlin says "I went up to him after the town hall and thanked him again in person...I thought it would be good for him to hear 'thank you' directly from a LEND trainee."