Dr. Noll's Webinar on School and Children with Cancer

Dr. Robert Noll, PI of the LEND of Pittsburgh, gave a webinar on the CureSearch website titled School and the Child with Cancer.  Dr. Noll has been providing clinical care and conducting clinical research about children with cancer for the past 30 years.  His presentation will focus on expected social and academic functioning of children with cancer during and after treatment. Specific tips about how to sustain contact with school and peers will be provided.  In addition to presenting data about the social status of over 300 children with cancer based on peer nominations, Dr. Noll will discuss school issues with Dr. Katie Devine and Kristy Devine.  Dr. Devine is a clinical psychologist and a sibling of a long term cancer survivor.  Kristy Devine is a cancer survivor and patient advocate within the Children’s Oncology Group.  Dr. Noll is also the Chair of the Behavioral Science Committee of the Children’s Oncology Group.