Dr. Noll Receives St. Baldrick's Grant to Help Children with Cancer

Having friends is vitally important for all children.  Children surviving brain tumors often have physical problems (jerky movements, slurred speech, etc.) and cognitive delays caused by their disease or treatment. These cancer survivors are frequently described by peers as “not well liked”, “having few friends” and “isolated”. This puts them at risk for being bullied, dropping out of school, becoming anxious/depressed, and being less likely to marry or having good jobs as adults.  Dr. Noll’s group will conduct a research-backed, school-based project to support brain tumor survivors’ social involvement by training classmates to be more “inclusive of others” viewed as “different”. 

Dr. Noll receives $98,000 from The St. Baldrick's Foundation

From left to right: Susan Heard, Billy Depew, Stevie McCurry, Amber Jeannette, David Elster, Debbie Depew (obstructed), Jeff Milligan, Sam Kane, David Redding, Dr. Robert Noll 

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