Dr. Miya Asato - Featured Keynote Speaker at Leadership Symposium in Hawaii

Lend Co-director Miya Asato, MD was a recently featured keynote speaker at a leadership symposium, on December 6, 2012, in Hilo Hawaii about cognitive development in typical children and children with neurodevelopmental disorders. This event was sponsored by the KKP P-3 Project. The Ka’u Kea’au Pahoa Prenatal through Third Grade (KKP P-3)[ http://p3hawaii.org/]  is a leadership development program funded the W.K. Kellogg Foundation as part of their Kellogg Leadership for Community Change (KLCC). This three year funded project provides professional and leadership development training to early childhood and primary education professionals and service providers in underserved remote areas of the big island of Hawaii. The primary aim of this project is to provide and promote statewide efforts for early childhood literacy.