Center for Theater Arts 2013 Performance

The Center for Theater Arts has offered performing arts classes for children and adults with special needs for over 30 years.  This year, the annual performance featured plots from "HairSpray" and "Grease".  One of LEND's support staff, Kerry Cannon, starred as Tracy Turnblad, the main character of "HairSpray".  She also played a role as one of the Pink Ladies in "Grease".  

Kerry says, "Center For Theater Arts is a place where everybody could make new friends, to have a whole new perspective on life, move on to bigger and better things as well!  We all act, sing, dance, have a lot of fun with friends!  Generally, we enjoy this super fun activity because it’s fun to do on a weekend; it’s also a great way to make new friends, that’s why we have this event in our lives. We start off with the basics then work on our way up to the top, then once we settle everything in one big studio, then we move onto the practices for the choreography, acting, and choral portion of the event. Once early spring comes around we put together a Broadway show for our families, other friends, out-of-towners, and the entire community to see their favorite star."

LEND students, staff, and friends showed their support by attending the show:

2013 Performance

From left to right: Kristy Palmer, Kerry Cannon, Amy Wetmore, Chelsea Pallatino, and Therezia Alchoufete


Great Job Everyone!

2013 Performance

Far left: Kerry Cannon - Tracy Turnblad