Advanced Caries - Major Findings

  • Figure eight: Child aged 2 to 4 years
    • Large pits
    • Destruction of the enamel of the tooth
    • Note, also, signs of early caries, including chalky white discoloration of enamel near gum line
  • Figure nine: Child aged 3 to 6 years
    • Surface not continuous and intact at corner and edge (arrow A)
    • Obvious "hole" between the teeth
    • Small stained pit with white chalky surrounding (arrow B) is early caries
  • Figure ten: Child aged 3 to 6 years
    • Surface discontinuous not intact at corner and edge (arrow A)
    • Large discoloration on chewing surface (arrow B)
    • Early signs of discoloration of chewing surface (small dark pit arrow C)
    • Upper and lower teeth with multiple caries indicate rampant caries
  • Figure eleven: Child aged 3 years
    • This child will have to undergo major rehabilitation
      • Teeth have decayed to gums
      • Dental roots are still present
      • Arrow shows an abscess formed by infection of the remaining root
      • This tooth must be pulled (extracted) to avoid severe and infections
    • Probably baby bottle caries because the lower teeth are not decayed

Advanced Caries - Counseling about ECC

Health professionals should recommend:

  1. Visit dentist for fillings (restorations)
  2. Discontinue the bottle and reduce use of sippy cup
  3. Eliminate sweetened foods and carbonated drinks
  4. Eliminate foods with high sucrose and acidic content
  5. Brush teeth regularly with fluoridated toothpaste

Major Signs of Caries Include:

  • Chalky, white, rough lesions at the gum line
  • Presence of stains with other signs of caries
  • Decay of the enamel, looking like pits
  • Surfaces and edges not smooth and intact
  • Stains on the inner surface of front teeth
  • Stains surrounded by a ring of white
  • Obvious holes between teeth