Projects & Programs

The LEND Center at the University of Pittsburgh sponsors the following regional, state, and national/international projects and initiatives. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Title V Collaborations

  • Bureau of Family Health Advocacy Council
  • Access to Health Insurance and Medical Homes
  • Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening

Educational Products

  • Oral Health
  • Building Partnerships
  • SSI: Audiology Training PPT
  • e-Cor
  • Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (onli-EHDI)
  • Writing, Reading, and Healthy-Hearing

Research & Demonstration Projects

  • Developmental Consequences of Otitis Media
  • Functional Classification
  • Healthy & Ready to Work
  • Language Development in Children with Neurologic Injuries
  • Physiologic Development of Speech
  • Safety and Efficacy of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Treatments for Young Autistic Children
  • Speech Change after Traumatic Brain Injury

Early Childhood Partnerships: Community-Based Collaborations

Training, Consultation and Technical Assistance

  • Resident Curriculum in Developmental /Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Children's SSI Project
  • National Service Inclusion Project
  • Area of Concentration in School of Medicine, Disabilities Medicine
  • Every Contact Counts
  • Safety for Kids Sake